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Radiant Diamond vs Cushion Cut Diamond

Differences and Similarities

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Radiant cut and the cushion cut diamond look almost same. But there are many differences between both of them. But we can’t find it so easily only a diamond expert can find these differences. So let discuss about some differences between them.

radiant cut diamond vs cushion cut diamond
Difference in Shape: If we talk about radiant cut diamond, then radiant cut has rectangular outline with cut corner but on the cushion cut diamond the sides are more rounded, that is the reason that it has a softer less angular outline.
Difference in Brilliance: Cushion cut diamonds have larger facets than radiant cut diamond. Therefore they often exhibit less brilliance than radiant cut diamond.
Difference in Cut & Faces: Radiant cut and cushion cut comes in brilliant cut category. Their facets are basically designed to increase their brilliancy. The most quick picking difference between them is their face-up outline.
These were the some difference between radiant cut diamond and cushion cut diamond. Hope you liked them.

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